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The Health Dangers of Sugar in Beverages and Advantage of Using Dosing Caps While a sugary beverage may be very sweet, the negative health effects linked to sugar intake are not. Actually, drinking sugary beverages regularly is not recommended as it can result in very serious health implications. That is why new technologies like dosing […]

Perhaps you are in desperate need of energy for the huge marathon you need to run, or you are in need of extra vitamins and minerals for you to drink on the road, walking, hiking or other activity. You’ve used such things like energy drinks and other popular sport beverages before, but lately you just […]

For the best and highest quality dosing caps that guarantee the perfect results, WildCap’s revolutionized dosing cap technology is bound to deliver exceptional products that meet and exceed expectations. With our dosing caps, enjoying your beverages and other drinks will never be the same again! Dosing caps, also known as blastcaps, functional caps or dispensing […]

Consumers are getting smarter. That is what this growth in Function Beverages is all about. We are making better decision about what we put into our bodies driven by a multitude of factors. In recent research conducted by Abunda founder Peter Leighton, he identified some significant factors driving consumer demand. This is a very interesting […]

One of the reasons we are so passionate about dosing cap technology is that in keeping the vitamins and minerals fresh in the cap they deliver more bio-available, fresher and you don’t need all that sugar. With natural alternatives like monk fruit and stevia you can make drinks that not only taste great but are […]