Perhaps you are in desperate need of energy for the huge marathon you need to run, or you are in need of extra vitamins and minerals for you to drink on the road, walking, hiking or other activity. You’ve used such things like energy drinks and other popular sport beverages before, but lately you just haven’t been sure about the ingredients of these seemingly reputable products. Not too say that these choices are bad, but when it comes to getting exactly what you need, no more no less, it can be rather challenging. What other option do you have?

Dosing Caps
So what in the world are these dosing caps that everyone is talking about and how do they work anyway? Beverage companies can now offer healthy beverages using dosing caps that are full of vitamins and minerals all ground into a fine powder and sealed inside the cap without the use of any chemicals. The dosing caps can also be custom filled to the customer’s specification or you can learn how to make your own ingredients and fill the cap yourself.
Dosing cap companies like Blast Max works with nutritional powder companies from all over the world in order to help you create the best possible formulation to suit your needs. Should you wish to fill and seal ingredients by yourself, work is being done to install many different facilities to help accommodate the growing demand for dosing caps around the world.

What Kind?
The Dosing caps are designed to for a variety of bottle sizes and styles while carrying different amounts of vitamins and minerals. One of the more popular caps is the 28 mm sports dispensing cap which allows you to open the flip top, push down the blast cover in order to release your active vitamins and other ingredients into the water and then sip the water through the sipper. Other options include the 28 mm push-pull sports cap, 28 mm button blast and the 38 mm sports blast dispensing cap.

Unhealthy Hot Fill
Most other energy drinks are made using the hot fill process, which heats up the liquid with the intent of killing off harmful germs and other bacteria. The issue is that all the vitamins and minerals are also destroyed. This is not so good considering most people buy these beverages in order to get certain vitamins. In addition, they don’t realize that most of these juices and other sport drinks contain more sugar than normal thus making them a potential health hazard if consumed in large quantities.

As there are a wide variety of different dosing caps, sizes, capacity and ingredients, the cost per purchase depends on your specifications. However, rest assured the results from drinking healthy is worth any cost.
Dosing caps are an incredible technology that allows you to live up to your dreams of a healthy lifestyle. Not only are they a better choice than other sugary drinks, but they will give you all the goods each and every time.