We know you are probably on this site because you have an idea of a great formulation or functional beverage you would like to make and sell. And you now know about the advantages of dosing cap technology where we can keep the vitamins and minerals separate in the cap until you are ready to drink them.

When it comes to your formulation, first off it has to fit in the dosing and you need to find the best one for the job. You also need to consider the powder (or liquid) consistency and flow rate. Is it water soluble? And then depending on your market there is often all kinds of health and safety regulations you need to consider.

We work with a number of ingredient suppliers around the globe who can help you with your formulation. In the USA our preferred ingredient supplier also offers a GMP certified filling and sealing service  – a one stop shop basically to get your product to market.

We also have a number of standard in-house formulation you are welcome to purchase to add to your range.

These include:

  • Sports
  • Energy
  • Collagen
  • Wellbeing

For more information on formulations, please contact us here.