Consumers are getting smarter. That is what this growth in Function Beverages is all about. We are making better decision about what we put into our bodies driven by a multitude of factors. In recent research conducted by Abunda founder Peter Leighton, he identified some significant factors driving consumer demand.

This is a very interesting article on the findings:

What’s driving growth in functional food and beverages? A convergence of nutrition, convenience and taste

By Maggie Hennessy, 27-Sep-2013

With the global market for functional foods and beverages on track to reach $176.7 billion this year, this booming category now accounts for 5% of the overall food market and is driving growth for the food industry as a whole, according to Euromonitor.

Creating a functional beverage that can meet the new and growing trends of these smarter consumers is challenging. With the need to hot fill and the issue of many vitamins and minerals breaking down it water, coupled with the need for preservatives and chemicals to get shelf stability – it is a recipe for disaster to start with. Enter dosing cap or dispensing cap technology and you are able to deliver the freshest elements right at the time of drinking.

More effective and tastier drinks = happier customers.