28mm Dosting Cap

So you have a great idea and ready to get started?

We are really keen to hear from you and share some of our experience and knowledge. There are a lot of factors to take into account when you are creating your product and our team has faced a lot of these over the years. We innovate and find solutions where we can and help you to look outside of the box.


We have several ways for you to get started. First you might want to get a few samples sent out to you to have a look at and play with. We will send you a selection of each of our caps, some filled with our own proprietary formula and some empty ones. You might have a particular size in mind but it is good to look at all the options, you might get another brainwave!

Please don’t be offended that we charge a small fee to cover the courier costs. We have a high enquiry rate and this allows us to honor all of our new clients requests efficiently.

Please click on the link below to receive a sample pack from us. Cost USD$25.


Starter Pack

If you are ready to move to the next level and want to do some limited market testing of your own formulation we have our Starter Kits available to you with various add-on options.
The basic Starter Kit comes with 2000 empty caps and 2000 foil seals. We will also supply you with a hand held sealing machine so that you can try your own formula in our caps. And, if you want to run a larger trial or simply want to test the market you can buy more caps off us in packs of 1000.

We will also provide you exclusive access to our training video’s on how to fill and use the sealing machine as well as ongoing support.

Please click on the links below to order your Starter Kit today.