For the best and highest quality dosing caps that guarantee the perfect results, WildCap’s revolutionized dosing cap technology is bound to deliver exceptional products that meet and exceed expectations. With our dosing caps, enjoying your beverages and other drinks will never be the same again!
Dosing caps, also known as blastcaps, functional caps or dispensing caps are being used for storing liquid or dry supplements separately from the water which, once released by the user, will form either vitamin, energy or medicinal drink. This is because it is believed that supplements, especially vitamins, can quickly deteriorate in water and for this reason, ready to drink vitamin beverages will not be able to give the consumers with the benefits that they help.
Through the years, different developments and improvements were made to further enhance the quality of dosing caps and WildCaps is currently among the leading providers of topnotch dosing cap technology that delivers breakthrough improvements in health benefits offered by today’s major beverage brands. With the help of the dosing caps offered by the company, manufacturers can now be sure that unwanted and harmful additives will be completely eliminated from their products and only the best of the best results will be experienced by their buyers.
WildCaps’ Dosing Caps – Not Your Ordinary Blastcaps
WildCaps’ intensive research and study led to the development of unique dosing caps that can effectively keep all the ingredients in their freshest state in the powdered form. With no need for any additive that is commonly found in the conventional beverages, juices and RTD sodas, the WildCaps’ products guarantee freshness and health at their finest.
With the use of this exceptional dosing cap technology, every ingredient will be kept in a secured and separate place and will only be released until the consumer blasts, shakes and drinks the beverage. WildCaps continuously create hundreds of brand new categories that can never be found anywhere else, categories that go beyond the norm and offer an entirely different level of exceptional and top of the line results.
Why Choose WildCaps?
There are many reasons why manufacturers can trust WildCaps for their dosing caps needs.
• Potency – Every nutrient that will be released at the time of consumption are guaranteed to be more potent and made bio-available or ready for easy absorption by the body as compared to the nutrients that have already been diluted in preservatives or destroyed through the hot-fill process.
• Purity – The formulations of WildCaps are all in their purest form so there is completely no harmful chemical or unwanted sugar used for lengthening shelf-stability that can be commonly found in the typical drinks in the market today.
• Guaranteed Freshness – Since the active ingredients will only be released and mixed at the moment of consumption, the consumer can expect for 100% freshness of the drinks.
WildCaps continues to bring more and more revolutionary developments in the world of dosing cap technology and they remain steadfast to their commitment in giving manufacturers only the best that they deserve!